The CAMP program is operated by the China Canada Angels Alliance (CCAA).

The Chinese Angels Mentor Program (CAMP) is committed to building a cross-border ecosystem for innovative, early-stage Canadian companies who are interested in the world’s largest and fastest growing market. It is a joint initiative of CCAA along with Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park and River Capital. CAMP provides a unique platform to accelerate investment, mentorship, and connections to China.

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What is Camp

CAMP is a program focused on attracting and connecting the best within the startup ecosystems in Canada and China.

CAMP 2021 will be the 5th cohort and will see a modified course program compared to our previous cohorts. CAMP provides a focused incubation platform that connects the right entrepreneurs, investors and partners to create value for startups who are primarily looking to enter the Chinese market. As well, we provide a gateway opportunity for mature Chinese companies looking to partner with technology companies in Canada. CAMP offers a unique set of experiences that includes:

  • Education (Market overview and key strategies for success)
  • Networking (Peer to Peer & Government) – Special Events
  • Develop Chinese business plan and financial forecast
  • Partnerships (legal, accounting, consultants, landing locations)
  • Assist with CanExport applications for market entry funding assistance

CAMP Companies



The only unified cloud platform designed for life sciences that delivers field effectiveness and powerful data insights by combining micro-learning, sales enablement, video coaching, and live events in a single, engaging app.

Apply Board


At ApplyBoard, we believe that education is a right, not a privilege. We empower students around the world to access the best education available. Through our platform and team of experts, we streamline the application process, from discovery and application to enrolment, assisting thousands of students to pursue their dreams of studying abroad.



Clausehound is disrupting the legal industry by offering an online document assembly tool that helps lawyers, entrepreneurs, students and small business owners create customized contracts from a pre-selected local precedent, based on the continually increasing Clausehound knowledge and a variant clause database (10,000+ entries). Drafters are able to effectively and efficiently identify and resolve problem areas during contractual drafting and negotiation.

Clausehound offers drafters a platform on which to share their specific expertise, engage in discussions with other drafters, and to gain deeper insight on specific topics with case law examples, news articles, legal commentary and suggested clause language, “drilled down” to the clause level. With contributors from North America, Europe, and Asia, Clausehound’s goal is to continue growing as a top resource of legal knowledge for drafters.



Conavi Medical Inc. (formerly Colibri Technologies Inc.) develops, manufactures, sells and supports technologies to help guide minimally invasive procedures. Our first product, the Foresight ICE System, is a catheter based ultrasound system which provides 2D and 3D images of the heart and devices in the heart during minimally invasive cardiovascular procedures such as Atrial Fibrillation Ablation. Our focus is on providing innovative image guidance technologies for minimally invasive procedures, with an initial emphasis on cardiovascular procedures.



Cyclica’s Ligand Express™ platform has been used and validated through third-party organizations to develop safer and more efficacious therapeutics. Whether hypothetical, pre-clinical, clinical, or FDA-approved, Cyclica offers insight and analysis into a small molecule’s effect, in order to augment drug discovery pipelines and efficiently take assets from bench-to-bedside. Ligand Express™ is unique in that it is a drug-centric platform. It currently features PROBEx (proteome-docking), SWITCHx (ligand effect prediction) & DIVEx (systems biology & drug-protein interactomes), and evaluates and compares small molecules to predict how each will interact with the human body (i.e human proteome). As such, Ligand Express™ provides value in finding novel desirable or undesirable targets, which provides clients with polypharmacological profiles that may identify unknown targets, prioritize lead candidates, elucidate adverse effects and point to repurposing opportunities. In addition, Cyclica’s proprietary database of structurally-characterized bacterial and viral proteomes can be used to identify new treatments for infectious diseases.

Motion Gestures


We provide machine learning-based gesture recognition solutions. Our software significantly reduces the time, cost, and effort of building a gesture interface for any gadget, device, or app. It can be utilized for adding gesture controls for products and services in a wide variety of business verticals, such as: wearables, automotive, mobile phones, consumer electronics, home automation, toys, video games, drones, and robotics.



Mosaic technolegy lets you print with multiple filaments on your single extruder 3D printer, with no wires or modifications. Our first technology, S.E.E.M, enables virtually every printer on the market to print in multiple colours, as well as multiple materials. This technology currently functions as a companion product to 3D printers.



TritonWear advances competitive swimming by providing real-time feedback and long-term tracking of swimmers performance data to coaches. Providing athletes with the data and insights needed to succeed and the community they desire to make their grueling training more fun and engaging.



STACK is a smart digital money account that leverages technology and your network to empower Financial IQ! STACK has now been selected to be part of the MasterCard Start Path Portfolio.STACK participated in the MasterCard Start Path Millennial Focus group this past Thursday and won a pitch competition against 7 other start-ups.



The mission that Fibos has is to create the industry standard for single point optical measurements, connecting customers to previously inaccessible measurements and data.

In the current market, it is challenging for customers to select an optical sensor and signal conditioner that can conveniently integrate into existing or new measurement applications because there is no existing standard for optical measurements. To address this need, Fibos is working with industry partners to set the optical standard that instrumentation users are familiar with, like thermocouples, RTDs, foil strain gauges and piezoelectric devices, allowing customers to get data they couldn’t get before in harsh environments.



Genecis’ biological processes convert food waste destined for landfill into valuable materials.

We’re on a mission to drive our world towards a circular economy, where major brands utilize eco-friendly PHA plastics in packaging, food services, agriculture, textiles and many other areas to reduce the 18 billion pounds of plastic polluting our oceans every year.

Leverage our technology and team to benefit the planet, and your bottom line.



Founded in 2016, RockMass Technologies is a Toronto based mining technology company developing solutions for geotechnical data collection within mines. Our Mission is to unlock untapped value in operations through technology-based innovations which enable real-time decisions.



Halion has invented colour changing nanomaterials to develop low power, outdoor visible displays, colour changing plastics, and more.

Qidni Labs


Over two million patients around the world suffer from End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). Patients’ survival depends on dialysis, a renal replacement therapy that they undergo until they receive a kidney transplant. The survival rate of patients under dialysis is less than 40% in 5 years.

A year of dialysis of each patient may cost $82,000 in the United States. Patients endure a lot more hardships due to complications and lifestyle restrictions. Studies show that longer treatment times can potentially be associated with prolonged survival.

Qidni Labs is on an implantable renal replacement therapy. This device would reduce several costs associated with dialysis equipment, caregivers and insurance providers. Qidni Labs is creating an opportunity for patients to have access to renal replacement therapy continuously and at all times.



TeTechS is a data and technology provider to plastic packaging companies enabling them to save resin in real-time during production.



Visionary Semiconductor (VSemi) is a Waterloo, ON based high-tech company providing world-class 3D sensors and 3D sensing solutions.

Focused on the Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology, VSemi has delivered easy-to-use 3D sensor, which enabled next generation computer vision for robotics, drone, and automotive.