The CAMP program was founded by the China Canada Angels Alliance (CCAA) and Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE).

The Chinese Angels Mentor Program (CAMP) is committed to building a cross-border ecosystem for innovative, early-stage Canadian companies who are interested in the world’s largest and fastest growing market. It is a joint initiative of CCAA and OCE along with Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park and River Capital. CAMP provides a unique platform to accelerate investment, mentorship, and connections to China.


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Companies Planning to Enter Chinese Market

What is Camp

CAMP is a program focused on attracting and connecting the best talent within the startup ecosystems in Canada and China.

CAMP provides a focused incubation platform that connects the right entrepreneurs, investors and partners to create value for startups who are primarily looking to enter the Chinese market. As well, we provide a gateway opportunity for mature Chinese companies looking to partner in North America. CAMP offers a unique set of experiences that includes:

  • Education (Market overview and key strategies for success)
  • Networking (Peer to Peer & Government) – Special Events
  • Investment Capital (Meeting with Angel, VC and Corporate Investors)
  • Partnerships (JV)
  • Cultural Exchange through visits to notable landmarks

CAMP Companies


Beagle provides instant focus on the key areas of a contract. It reads and highlights what’s important and brings lawyers and clients together to provide input and feedback, using Artificial Intelligence and the knowledge of thousands of legal documents. Contracts can be edited and redlined by multiple parties in real-time and securely stored in one central place. Assign task and bring individuals directly into the sentence their input is needed.


Acto is the world’s most versatile business management system. Managers can deploy training and strategy to employee’s mobile devices. Companies can retain ACTO Content Services to take your existing content and business knowledge and quickly turn it into ACTO’s signature ActionPacks™. I short, media-rich ActionPacks™ have been shown to increase engagement and retention, meaning employees can add more value to their organizations, faster.

Apply Board

ApplyBoard is a software solution that bridges the gap between millions of highly qualified international students and hundreds of thousands of open seats in North American educational institutions. ApplyBoard matches international students with potential institutions based on their academic background, interests, costs, post-graduation employment goals and many other factors. Using this platform, students instantly can see the universities and colleges they can get in to for 100% and even better, they can apply to multiple universities or colleges using a simple “One-Click-Apply” system.


Clausehound is a cloud-based integrated document drafting environment that accesses a library of relevant reference material and precedents, and that simplifies how documents are created. It offers a cloud-based document drafting solution that addresses gaps in knowledge and organizational precedents providing a deep and diverse library of reference materials aggregated from established lawyers, news articles and case law that are mapped and organized by document structure.



Conavi Medical Inc. (formerly Colibri Technologies Inc.) develops, manufactures, sells and supports technologies to help guide minimally invasive procedures. Our first product, the Foresight ICE System, is a catheter based ultrasound system which provides 2D and 3D images of the heart and devices in the heart during minimally invasive cardiovascular procedures such as Atrial Fibrillation Ablation. Our focus is on providing innovative image guidance technologies for minimally invasive procedures, with an initial emphasis on cardiovascular procedures.

Eve Medical

Developer of HerSwab, an alternative sample collection method for STI testing that can be conveniently done external to a clinic, without expert supervision. It enables women to easily and reliably collect their own DNA samples to screen for common STIs including Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and HPV (which causes cervical cancer). This saves time, providing privacy and minimizing invasiveness and benefits healthcare stakeholders by improving the reach and performance of existing screening programs, increasing test volumes, and reducing costs for practitioners and the healthcare system.

Kapow Kidz

Kapow Kidz creates innovative, educationally relevant live and online storytelling based communications programs for school and at home. The company has a track record of success in many of Canada’s largest school districts and their connected communities. Last year they developed and piloted a new program, The Storyteller’s Journey, a unique 5-step live and online program that teaches communication, language and media skills (storytelling) to kids age 5 to 13.

Raise Your Flag

Raise Your Flag is an online career path platform for the 45% of people who don’t go to college after high school (oh, and for the 100,000,000+ working Americans without a degree). Raise Your Flag bridges the gap between young people not going to college and long-term, rewarding careers. It does this through mapping career paths that exist within a company and/or industry, connecting users to industry training and pairing them with companies who are actively seeking skilled, entry-level talent. Brands like Tim Hortons(100,000 employees, $11B market cap) and Air Canada (25,000 employees, $2B market cap) trust Raise Your Flag to attract their skilled, entry-level employees.


Travelabulous is tearing down the barrier between travel inspiration and online booking. It connects people with inspired trips from the world’s authentic travel experts, along with the tools to customize those itineraries and book the trip –all in one place. Consumers can discover, customize and book their dreams trips with Travelabulous.
Travelabulous is tearing down the barrier between travel inspiration and online booking. It connects people with inspired trips from the world’s authentic travel experts, along with the tools to customize those itineraries and book the trip –all in one place. Consumers can discover, customize and book their dreams trips with Travelabulous.


A traditional plug can only be connected in one direction, takes two hands, and is dangerous for children. What if there’s an easier way? Introducing V.O., a magnetic power connector for all electronics. With V.O. and its patented magnetic head, plugging in electronics takes only a snap motion, at any angle you want, and one hand is all you need. Our vision is to reinvent user’s experience connecting devices to electricity around the world. Plugging in electronics should be easy, safe and almost fun.